Meet the Founder


She is a fellow Woman In Tech and STEM Ambassador who is passionate about breaking barriers in the working world and beyond

Tanisha has a strong desire to inspire, empower and connect the women so there are more women in leadership.

A culturally curious, creative, and collaborative individual, who works as a Business Analyst for News UK, which is part of the News Corp. She has previously worked for clients such as the BBC, PA Media Group, European Council and more.

Tanisha is made in India, but moulded in UK. She can be found doing panel talks. πŸŽ™ Loves chips 🍟 and 🌍 travelling to the brightest, weird gems and hidden places with her camera. πŸ“Έ A cricket maniac 🏏, who can play badminton 🏸 (not, cricket). Take her to dancing anytime. πŸ’ƒ