Gill Cooke – Three: Bringing People on the Journey with Her

Where do you work and your role title?
Three – Head of Digital Planning & Delivery

Get To Know Me
Favourite ice-cream flavour: Mint choc-chip and Salted Caramel

Wrap up in the shortest sentence possible what your role means.

I lead the planning, delivery, governance and budget for the Three website and App.

What is the interesting / challenging part of your work?

Being involved in the Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Steering committee, and the Women in Tech and BAME & Allies networks within Three.

What attracted you to choose a STEM field? How do you find navigating your career path in tech?

I came to Tech by accident rather than by design. I have had a career of two halves – in TV Production and then I moved into Telecoms. My transferable skills were around Project/Production Management, scheduling, budgeting, coordinating etc.

What is your biggest achievement that you are most proud of? How do you track and express your achievements in the workplace and beyond?

Founding STEMConnext in 2018 is my biggest achievement and I’m proud of building a community of over 430 people and running events, panel discussions and learning sessions to drive change for diverse workforces – over and above my full time role.

Who are your mentors or role models that helped you either directly or indirectly?

I had a key mentor in TV production and then in Telecoms it would be Trudie Fell, Douglas Chapman and Jo Loat. My role models are Amanda Newman, Vanessa Vallely, Jacqueline De Rojas and Rav Bumbra.

How do you think women can be game-changers in time of crisis?

We are excellent at juggling and coping with crises, either through managing families, kids, elderly parents and partners and are able to translate this to the world of work. We are also generally more empathetic so women have great capability and potential to lead people and bring them on the journey with us.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader? Are there any technology resources that you would recommend?

I’m reading, learning, and attending webinars for self-development.

Pluralsight is the technology resource that I would recommend!

It’s your day off. What do you do to relax?

Do STEMConnext stuff and spend time with my family ☺️

What advice would you give to your 21 year old self?

  • Open your eyes to what is around you and don’t take things for granted.
  • Also have the confidence to do what you are passionate about!

What makes you RARE?

My compassion, empathy and willingness to help people

Want to know more about Gill? Connect with her on LinkedIn

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